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I signed up with Teresa when I realized I had zero clue where to start in my fitness journey. I'm 44 and recently went through chemo and my body was weak and all of my muscles mass was gone. I felt unattractive and discouraged. She met me where I was at- I'm a working mom and not in a situation where I can go to a gym, so Teresa tailored home workouts for me as well as macros to follow for eating. She has supported me through weekly check-ins without being pushy. She consistently asks for feedback and if any changes need to be made. I love it because it has literally created lifelong change within my body. Exercise and being well have now become natural to me. There is something to being accountable to someone. Trust me, I never would have been one to hire a trainer, but I finally decided to invest in ME, lifelong ME. It's been 7 months now and I know I couldn't have done this on my own.
- Charisse P.

"I had been struggling for a long time with my weight and workouts. I was bored and getting depressed. I ran across Teresa and asked a million questions over the course of a couple of months. Maybe longer, lol. I was super hesitant (not because of her, but me following through) and I was super nervous. I didn't want to let her down or myself. I finally listened to the Universe and my body to do it. I signed with Teresa and have never been disappointed since. She's patient, kind, and works well with all my personal healing, as well. I'm grateful for running across her and grateful to have her guide me on this journey."
- Christina G.

"It's not an exaggeration to say that working with Teresa completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 years ago, and weight gain has been my most prominent and frustrating symptom. I have tried everything to combat the weight gain - keto, low carb, high cardio, weight loss drugs, diabetic medications - but nothing ever really worked. Teresa did her homework on my condition and combined that with some activities that I enjoyed (heavy weight lifting, running, swimming) - and I feel she found the Holy Grail to combat PCOS! She was patient with my concerns and set realistic expectations for my progress. Since August 2021, I've lost weight, but gained my confidence back - which has ended up being so much more important. I found my voice again, started excelling more at work and found the courage to move forward with opening a business. I attribute these changes to Teresa's support and her amazing coaching!"
- Kellie H.

"Teresa has helped me tremendously with her coaching in all aspects. She has kept me accountable, she has totally changed my mindset and really cares about your progress. Her motivation to help me and keep me on track that I’ve found so positive because she doesn't give up on me. She helped me with meal plans and the right exercise routine I need, and always keeps tabs on me to make sure I'm doing well. I've learned a lot from Teresa because her motivation has helped me with mine. The tools that she is giving me along the way I wouldn't have found them without her. Thank you so much Teresa for all the help and continued help you give."
- Kristie K.

"Coach Teresa has a unique way of connecting the mind, body and spirit. Her customized 360-degree approach enabled me to reach my fitness goals. Teresa is laser-focused and truly vested in her clients and she provides the attention, motivation and encouragement needed to stay on track."
- Marie H.

"I enthusiastically recommend Teresa for her outstanding attributes. What distinguishes her is her willingness to share her own fitness struggles and triumphs, creating a connection that goes beyond the typical trainer-client dynamic. Her app, designed for those with busy schedules, has proven invaluable in maintaining a consistent workout routine amidst my hectic lifestyle. Beyond the practical aspects, her approachable demeanor establishes a supportive environment where life's hurdles are acknowledged, but her commitment to achieving fitness goals remains unwavering. Collaborating with her has truly been a transformative and enjoyable journey."
- Aislinn D. ❤️

"I started my fitness journey with Teresa Sept 2022. Her program is not just a few workouts thrown at you and you do them and you’re done. She ensures that the workouts are in line with ALL goals and makes adjustments accordingly. She is a rock in your corner and I feel blessed and fortunate to call her my trainer."
- Tina K.
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