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Nutrition Education

Proper nutrition is the foundation for optimal health, disease prevention, and sports performance. With so much confusing or conflicting information, having an expert guide you through evidence-based best practices is invaluable. As a certified health coach and holistic health practitioner, I offer personalized nutrition education suited to your unique needs and goals.

My comprehensive, tailored programs help adults and youths understand how our foods interact with our bodies on multiple levels during specific life stages.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

With a judgment-free zone and compassionate approach, I meet you where you’re at, to promote sustainable change at your pace. Education empowers you to make informed choices that support your body rather than deprive it. I partner with you to:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your current nutritional intake, lifestyle behaviors, health conditions, preferences, and more.
  • Identify your motivations, challenges, and definition of success when it comes to food and wellness.
  • Unpack the whys behind what we eat – physiology, psychology, social norms, convenience, and so on.
  • Bridge the gap between nutrition science and real-life application with practical solutions.
  • My teaching style blends humor and straight talk to break complex concepts into understandable chunks. You’ll walk away with simple habits that stack up to life-changing results.

What I Cover in My Nutrition Education

Here’s some of what I cover:

  • The Basics - Get grounded in fundamentals like macronutrients and micronutrients, balancing nutrients, and calories for your specific goal, correctly reading labels, building nutritious plates and snacks, stocking healthier ingredients, and basic cooking skills.

  • Disease Prevention - Understand how diet significantly impacts the risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and the ability to manage diagnoses through food to support the structure and function of your body.

  • Physiology - Learn how nutrients influence hormone regulation, digestion, blood sugar control, brain function, immune response, bodily processes, genetics, and epigenetics for empowered self-care.

  • Gut + Mind Connection - Appreciate nutrition's effects on physical and mental health – from mood, stress tolerance, and decision-making to gut microbiome diversity driving whole body equilibrium.

  • Nutrient Density - Prioritize foods packed with protective compounds like antioxidants and phytonutrients found primarily in plants/lean proteins rather than “empty calories” that can provoke inflammation.

  • Bioindividuality - Grasp why there are no “superfoods" or universal prescriptions – ingredient sensitivities, deficiencies, and genetic uniqueness mean what fuels one body may not fuel another.

  • Intuitive Eating - Reject restrictive diets, escape the cycle of emotional eating, and learn to trust internal hunger/fullness cues naturally for a peaceful approach to food and body.

  • Lifestyle Integration - Level up overall wellbeing through nutrition combined with other pillars like sleep, stress management, social connections, physical activity, and self-care/mindfulness practices.

Effective Nutrition Education and Guidance

I aim to unveil food freedom, where you no longer reactively chase prescriptions but instead feel empowered, at ease, and excited to nourish yourself in alignment with your values. Let’s have an open conversation about where you’re now and where you want to be and map out steps to get there.

Nutritional knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can receive, and I can help you gain that. If you feel I can assist you with nutrition education, please email me through this Contact Us form, and I will respond promptly. If you prefer to speak with me about your requirements and want to know more about this service, please call Holistic Teresa at 702-608-1662‬. Service is available in Las Vegas, NV and remote through my app.
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