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Improved Athletic Performance

As a personal trainer and performance coach, I help athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels unlock their full potential. Whether you're looking to improve for an upcoming competition, trying to break through a performance plateau, or want to achieve new personal bests, I have the expertise and programs to elevate your athletic abilities.

My customized training regimens combine the latest science-backed techniques with time-tested coaching principles. We'll start by thoroughly evaluating your fitness level, goals, injury history, and other factors that can impact performance. Based on these unique markers, I design training plans that focus on your priorities: increased speed and agility, heightened endurance and stamina, enhanced power and strength, or improved mobility and flexibility.

Every 4–8-week training cycle methodically builds on the last to drive progressive overload without overtraining. Carefully planned recovery is a critical component as well. I also continually assess areas limiting you, like movement patterns, muscle imbalances, nutrition, or mindset, and address them with targeted solutions.

How I Help You Improve Athletic Performance

Here are some highlights of my athletic performance enhancement:

  • Speed and Agility Development - Quicker feet, accelerated sprints, and dynamic multi-directional movements are all possible, even if your genetics aren’t optimal. We tapped into your nervous system’s elastic properties with plyometric and dynamic work for better force absorption and return. Sport-specific drills then engrain new movement patterns for competition execution.

  • Endurance and Stamina Building - This is crucial whether your sport calls for going long or grinding short, repeated all-out efforts, improved cardiorespiratory function, and tolerance to fatigue fuel better performance. Strategies like interval training, tempo work, and muscular and cardio base building all expand your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds for sustaining intensity.

  • Power and Strength Growth - More muscles firing at higher rates helps to overcome more excellent resistance with velocity. Olympic lifts, multi-joint movements, eccentric focused work, and other programming develop the force and speed capabilities that translate into jumping higher, sprinting faster, and hitting and throwing harder.

  • Mobility and Flexibility Enhancement - A more comprehensive pain and injury-free range of motion allow executing skills with better mechanics and control for mastery of sports. My training will help repair restrictions, adhesions, and imbalances with self-myofascial release, stretching, and drills for improved posture, more elastic muscles and connective tissue, and increased movement efficiency.

I Help You Leverage Your Athletic Performance Strengths

With my relevant certifications and extensive tactical athletic development experience, I have an immense toolbox of physical, nutritional, and mental techniques. Every athlete also has unique abilities. I leverage your strengths while systematically eliminating weak links to unlock your full potential.

My training systems produce results across various sports - running, cycling, swimming, basketball, tennis, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, and more. I've helped youth and senior athletes achieve important personal and team goals. Maximizing human performance is my expertise and passion.

Let's Start Your Journey Toward Improved Athletic Performance

I look forward to discussing your aspirations and showing you how my athletic performance enhancement can get you there. The process begins and ends with understanding precisely what you want to achieve on your terms.

If you feel I can help you improve your athletic performance, please email me through this Contact Us form, and I will respond promptly. If you prefer to speak with me about your requirements and want to know more about this service, please call Holistic Teresa on 702-608-1662‬. Service is available in Las Vegas, NV and remote through my app.
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